Oklahoma Extreme State Contract

You must be a state agency to receive the discounted pricing!

An Overview On How To Use The Site

How to Create a Quote

  1. Click on the "Extreme Products" link
  2. Click on the category for the product you are looking for
  3. Once you find the product you are interested in, click "Add to Quote"
  4. If you are having problems finding the right product, at the top of the Products page is Search box. The Search box is a search through all of the products. For a more advanced search go to the Search page.
  5. Update your quantity and click on "Update Totals"
  6. Click on the "Finale Quote"
  7. Enter the necessary information
  8. Click on "Finale Quote"
  9. Click on "Printable Version" if you would like a hard copy.
  10. The quote is emailed to the email address you entered previously
  11. Click "Continue Shopping" to return to the Home page.

How to Create an Order

  1. Follow the steps above
  2. Contact use at (405)787-7878 with your PO or PCARD information to place an order.
  3. Your order is now placed

How to run a Search

  1. Click the "Search" link
  2. Click in the "Search for" box.
  3. Type what you are searching for.
  4. Click "Search"



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